Friday, April 29, 2011

Vogue Knitting 1969

Today, I went to Village des Valeurs which is a chain similar to the Salvation Army. When I was really really young, my mother used to bring me there to buy clothing or toys. My early memories associated to thrifting were very positive, I was so in love with my poodle skirt and my neck-to-hem ruffled short sleeved white blouse and proud that I had won a drawing contest which allowed me to buy that bag of barbies and ponies. However, I went through a phase during my tweens when I was really embarrassed about having second hand stuff and began coveting new clothing and jewelry. It was a sad phase and I am so glad it's gone! Because now every time I go to a second hand store, I always find something I need or love or both! On today's hunt, I found a (misplaced, next to a bart simpson wall clock) Vogue Knitting magazine from 1969! As soon as it had caught my eye, I was flipping through it and immediately put it in my basket. As you'll see in the photos below (and there are plenty to look at), how could I not buy it!? And do you know what else? I have a pattern for every single piece..and it only cost me 99 cents. I also bought other gems, of which I will photograph later :)

And now be amazed at the glam, the kitsch and all of the shades of gray in between..

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