Monday, August 31, 2009

Reunited and it feels so good

The fantastic plastic 4 reunited once again!

Since our first meeting during our first year in design, we have been a force of laughter and joy and support. It is really interesting how we somehow decided without using words that we were to become good friends and make an effort to keep in touch. At the moment it is quite easy as we are going to the same school, but one of us had to skip a semester for personal reasons but we still made a pact to keep in touch, and we did and tonight after each of our travelling we were able to share our stories and gifts:) It is really something special to be able to share your experiences with a small group of friends. I cherish them and our times together.

this was prepared byb Jackie Wo's mother and was delicious
(the samosas were brought by one of the FP4 and were amazing)

these are the cakes, tartelettes and polish donughts I brought over
unfortunatelyt the mango mousse cake failed to impress however it did taste different from when I tried it last.

we have firm beliefs, we slam our palms whence talking.

just back packed accross western europe, can you tell?

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Big Book

I am curently working on my biggest book as of yet, this title makes it sound like it's really huge, but it isn't, it's slightly larger than a standard 9 x 12 sketchbook, but it's the biggest one I've made by hand so far. Sewing was a bit difficult and bending the paper was a tad unavoidable including some uneveness, hopefully I can sand it down and it'll be a nice sketchbook for my upcoming year (and final year) at University.

here is the inside of the scketchbook complete:

also, here is a photograph of a sunset I was able to witness on my way home from work, very bitter sweet.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


amazing illustrator from the phillipines, i can only wish i had 0,1% of her talent.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday is movie night?

Tonight my friend and I went to go see a movie called "The Proposal", it was quite spontaneous. I had seen the poster and it didn't lead me to think it to be a good movie but when we were deliberating which movie to see, she sent me the trailer and I was pleasantly surprised, I really wanted to see this movie all of a sudden!

So we made plans to meet tonight and when I arrived at the movie theater, I found my friend in the middle of a huge line! Who would've known Monday night was THE movie night!

It was nice and lively at the theater and I realized that the last few times I had gone it was rather sullen and quiet, it's nice to see people laughing, smiling and enjoying themselves, it's very contageous.

Which makes a great movie even greater. Although the plot line isn't exactly new, it is done in a believable way and I believe that is due to the amazing performances and direction given by all who were involved. I truly loved this movie to bits and cannot wait to see it over and over again:)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

3 Books!

I've just finished three books I set out to make recently for 3 of the 15 friends I made while we were in Italy together for a drawing course, 14 of them I had never met before yet we live in the same city and go to the same school! (Still, you can't know EVERYONE who's in the same area as you, am I right?)

Either way, we have created really precious beautiful memories with eachother that I will cherish forever and in fact one of the reasons why I've made the decision to really do something about my interest in craft and actually make concrete steps in selling it (thinking of a name, motto, etc..) is because of one of the girls I met while in Italy this summer, she has made me more confident of my skill and said she would do anything to help me because she believes in me that much! (so what's stopping me?!) I truly needed this kind of push because I kept waiting to be better to actually sell my books and other crafts.

So that being said, here are the pictures of the books I made!!

I'm calling the first one "choco-vanille a la fraise"
the second; "tiramisu au mascarpone"
and the third; "pop rocks seeing stars"

Lastly, I shall include an image from the just dropped off catalogue of ikea that has made me dream for blue walls, red shelves and a striped duvet-cover. It seems like the perfect place to crash after a difficult day or a wonderfall place to step into a cloud and dream, ahh~~...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Autumn in 2007

I rediscovered this photograph from 2 years ago and I get a little sad thinking of that time while also a bit nostalgic, so many unfortunate events and heartbreaks since.

hopefully this is a new start and I can finally make my dream come true.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Betsey Day

Today was a cute day including a purchasing of cute socks from the betsey johnson store downtown. A friend and I wandered a bit and eventually settled at a coffee shop to reminisce of our time in Italy and I indulged in just about the best cheesecake on this planet.

I’m quite lucky to be able to do this but I also feel as though I’ve earned it.

sweet times at the coffee shop

Marian Toinette’s coup de coeur at the Betsey store

my purchase at the Betsey store

talking about boys, in the rain, while waiting for the bus


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