Saturday, December 15, 2012

Pretty as a picture AW

So remember those books I bought a little while ago? Well, I've finally sewn a project from one of them!! It took me about 4 hours to sew this one, and I am SO pleased with it. I've made it a point to sew as many gifts as possible in these last week that is left until xmas, can I do it? Maybe! ah!

Anna Maria Horner's "Pretty-as-a-picture" dress from Handmade Beginnings.

I added a pocket to the front.

And a kitty in a tutu! Best calendar month photo.

Staying in

This week has been slow but surprisingly draining on different levels. I am happy however that I was able to cozy up my current nest a bit more with..

Floral pillows found, bought and gifted.

Organizing my favourite cups, bowls and plates in a cupboard all to myself.

Setting up this found sewing machine (have yet to try it out).

Finally having a tv in MY room and being able to watch movies in dvd or vcr mode while munching on snacks.

Getting that glittery bow that's been on my mind for the last little bit. Not necessary but fun :)

Friday, December 7, 2012


This past week I was finally able to be and settle and arrange a space to work in. I don't imagine things will be this calm for long but it's nice for now.

The snow arrived.

A lovely space I am loving so far. Mini xmas tree hey!

Quick supper enhanced by a thrifted plate I love.

Foound an old embroidery I should probably finish.

Treated myself to some a&w with sweet potato fries (not bad).

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A little make a little that

This week life officially became hard and so I distracted myself with a few things:

New nail colour.

A travel sewing bag as I'm finding myself sewing in multiple places and in need of my trusty supplies.

A pouch for aforementioned supplies as I was pricking myself with them and losing them in the bag.

A baby bedsheet for my friend's newest family addition, will hopefully get it to her soon! I followed this tutorial to make it.

Some fleece fabric I couldn't resist, could be a cute lining for a laptop case or kindle case.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Kimbra, again!

Never have I had the luck and pleasure of seeing a singer I love twice in half a year. And yet, that is the case with Kimbra! She was last in my area as an opening act for Foster The People back in June which was such a wonderful show and I will never ever ever forget it. I had a feeling however that Kimbra would be back to headline her own show but I had no idea how soon! A couple months later I found out she would be in town on October 26th! Of course I had my ticket waay ahead of time. Soon that day came and although I didn't have AS an amazing time as back in June (really tough to top anyhow!) it was incredible, Kimbra is truly a talented young artist and seeing her outrageous outfit made me wish I was designing her stage costumes!! I once again took many photos and filmed a few clips but haven't yet put it together to display nicely onto here and so in the meantime here are some of the mobile photos I took and then instagramed for good measure ;)

Kimbra's opening act The Stepkids

Even though a bit small, I thought the illustration work was nice.

And of course I had to get my own copy of Vows!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Honourable Mentions

This past week I:

Finished a pin cushion kit for myself thanks to my previous workplace. And this won't be the last one I make!

Ate cakes with Nicole at Pekarna before going to watch 'Wreck It Ralph'. 

Saw this incredible mural by A'shop after a meeting with Smigli Slings.

Met up with some long time gal pals at Benedicts for lunch/brunch.

Had a closer look at my weird hair and have been pondering what to do with it..

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sewing books galore!

I've become obsessed! Since working at Emeline & Annabelle's I've become even more enamoured with sewing than I thought possible. I've also taken on the task of completing as many projects as humanly possible and accumulating more fabric and books than I probably need but definitely need, haha!

Here is a small preview of the books I've recently bought and have fallen in love with:

Handmade Beginnings - Anna Maria Horner

Romantic Home Sewing - Christina Strutt

Zakka Sewing - Therese Laskey + Chika Mori

A Field Guide to: Fabric Design - Kimberley Kight

Saturday, October 27, 2012


Last Saturday was part 2 of the first ever hardcover bookmaking class I led at the shop I work at (which is sadly closing tomorrow). The group consisted of 3 students and 1 co-worker. Everybody was extremely successful and the results were fantastic! I'm very happy to have been able to teach bookmaking (and sewing!) at Emeline & Annabelle's, they've given me so much hope, independence and inspiration. I've been overly blessed these last couple of months. Hopefully what awaits me in the future is 1/10th as good and perhaps that will include another hardcover bookmaking class. hm hm, who knows?

Isabelle (from Zabelle et la bête) with her newly handmade book.

Maureen and I admiring her book, Lisa's book and Maureen working diligently.

Leticia working on her book, which has become one amongst many from her bountiful of completed projects

Lisa and Maureen with their books and working on them so professionally.

Monday, October 15, 2012

A little bit crazy, a lot belated

So much catching up to do! Many of these photos are from a few months ago. To begin, I bought a blouse pattern that I had intended to make out of a black and large white polka dots fabric we have in the shop. I haven't gotten to it yet but I want to very soon! Next I finally got myself some embroidery scissors which are good for trimming small threads. I could have bought one from the ones we carry at the shop but how could I resist bunny scissors!? Another purchase I made was of quite possibly the cutest pencil case in history. The illustrations are so well done and SO adorable, again, resistance was futile. I also bought quite a few fabrics at fabricville, one of which has eyes that glow in the dark! I've since sewn it into a reversible bag but still have to sew on a button, a button loop and finish it off with a bit of top stitching.

My next set of belated photos are from window gazing at a shop I've admired for a while now, it's called Surface Jalouse and the furniture they carry is so striking and bold. I hope to own a few of their pieces in my future dwelling some day.

Lastly, I did something I've always wanted to do ever since I was a teen but for some reason never was adventurous enough. I bleached my hair! My reason for not going all the way to my roots was because I worry about damaging the hair follicle. I like the effect however and look forward to making my other dream come true, dying it pink!

I leave you with a bit of a catchy 80s pop tune for some finger snapping while you browse the nets. Check out that vacant stare:


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