Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Why am I feeling nervous/scared??

Yesterday, with the help of a person, I purchased a ticket to London. For this evening. I arrive tomorrow morning and will find my way to the place I will be staying.

I know this is a good idea, but but but.... this is the most difficult thing I've ever done alone.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Monday, November 22, 2010

Aria's books and Liz' book

book #13 , book #14

book #15 & 1/4




Oh how nostalgic last Thursday night was. Not a week before did I coincidentally find out that Hanson was playing a show in Montreal. Even though I had checked at least a month ago and there was nothing then. Chance is a mysterious... thing.

So many things were different. For one, there was alcohol. For two, there was less deafening shrieking and more wooing. I had my apprehensions but they were good. I thought my feelings for them had gone but little glimmers kept popping up and I caught myself being a 12-13-14-15-16 year old again.

It was truly enjoyable and everyone deserves to have something like this in their lives.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What!? Kids aren't supposed to drink cranberry juice!

Recently I have been playing with felt again, it is great fun and so comforting. I hadn't noticed before that felt had that effect on me! It is as comforting as listening to The Raconteurs with sore legs.

Rather than hand felting, I machine felted offcuts of 100% wool sweaters and got all sorts of interesting bits to work with from the process, with which I created these "buttons". The one below is my favourite, it's a strange little creature.

In conjuction with having to create flowers with wool sweater offcuts, I coincidentally found a tutorial that was specifically about that! Check out Aunt Peaches' sweater felt flower making tutorial to make your own :B

Sunday, November 14, 2010


My collaborative project Slo is in London right now, and I was supposed to go...I am supposed to go. But my "ticket" has backed out, and by the time I can actually afford to buy it, the exhibition will be over and I will forever regret not going. If nothing can be solved by wednesday-thursday, I am afraid that'll be it. I just wish that my efforts weren't being criticized.



My most precious comfort food.. ramyun noodles (I drain the water, add a bit of ranch dressing and some tamari soya sauce), kimbap (korean sushi, sweet marinated carrots, egg, marinated radish, spinach, crab and my fav: sesame seeds mixed in the rice), kimchi (korean seasoned and pickled cabbage, slightly spicy) and all of these yummies in a legit stoneware bowl that I bought for 5$. Not photographed, my blueberry milk soda. I know, but it's SO GOOD.

Brand new fabric swatch (1/4th of a meter) that I bought at Effiloché. I just wish I could at least buy a meter or two of this stuff but I'm always low on cash when I go there so I settle for these overpriced lovely bits.

And lastly, I made my first quiches today! The crust was store bought but I am still PROUD because I can name every single ingredient in them and they do not include color 3, dextrose, sulphites, xantham gum or other strange creatures.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Valeria's book

Book # 12, front and back

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Had me some oscillating fun this night, listening to some local and not local bands. I am impressed and glad to have been amongst the awesome this place I call home has to offer.


Monday, November 8, 2010

Kathy's book

Book #11

Front and back of new business cards!


That was a bright idea..

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Although we were expecting to speak to a generation slightly younger than ours, we weren't exactly expecting to speak to a generation SO much younger than ours. It was a bit strange, though I could see the reasoning behind it and why they lied to us or neglected to share this oh so incredibly crucial detail.

It was a laugh and I have come to the conclusion that all children have ADD but are so freakishly cute in their own crazy and calm ways.

Yesternight was a night to remember and to feel accomplished, as though wearing someone else's skin. It was comforting and sad. Like crying precious jewels.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

My butt is warm - Catrine's book

Book #10


This place was entirely re-designed by alumni students from our Design program, they gave presentations in our classes last year and the fantastic plastic four (just) had to have our secret santa there. I nearly died and went to heaven that winter, the meatballs were highly responsible for that. This time around it was the scallops. I had never tried scallops before and now I know what I've been missing all along... My life was sad prior to. Tapas is awesome because you share small plates, so you don't over stuff yourself therefore by the end you're full and satisfied and especially thanks to this tapas restaurant, have eaten incredibly delicious and quality food. Obviously it's a (maximum) twice (or thrice..) a year event, but so worth it.

the chalkboard wall menu (each table has a swanky menu as well)

scallops wrapped in bacon and fried calamari in the background

Farnaz' book and christina's book

Book #8

Book #9

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Prices & Sizes - Grandeurs et prix

Option A:
1 fabric (from selection shown below, or from your own supply) or 1 solid colour (violet or pink, or from your own supply):

~3" x 4.5" = $12

~4.5" x 6" = $16

~6" x 9" = $22

~9" x 12" = $36

Option B:
Multiple combinations of fabric (from selection shown below or form your own supply):

~3" x 4.5" = $16

~4.5" x 6" = $22

~6" x 9" = $36

~9" x 12" = $48

**10% discount for students!**

Thickness: about ~ 7/8ths of an inch. Around 2.25 centimeters.

Epaisseur: environ ~ 7/8ieme d'un pouce. A peu pres 2.25 centimetres.

Fabrics - Tissus

You may choose a number of fabrics to combine.

I also have some solid colours (cannot be combined with patterned fabrics as solid colours are already fused to paper). My colours are:

- Light Purple
- Pink

Vous pouvez choisir plusieurs tissus pour combiner. J'ai aussi du tissu concu pour la fabrication des livres. Par contre, elles ne peuvent pas etre combinees aux tissus ordinaires car elles sont deja collees a du papier. Mes couleurs sont:

- le violet
- le rose

Paper - Papier

001 - Bond Paper (A bit rougher than printer paper but similar thickness)
002 - Packing Paper (brown)
003 - Manila Paper ( Lightweight, textured and not too thin, yellow)
004 - Average Sketchbook Paper (acid free, white)
005 - Off-White Fabriano Sketchbook paper (acid free)
006 - Lined, white printer paper

001 - Papier bond (blanc avec un peu de texture, bordures jaunissent avec le temps)
002 - Papier brun (un peu de texture)
003 - Papier manila (jaune, leger, pas ideal pour les croquis mais possible)
004 - Papier croquis standard (blanc, sans acide)
005 - Papier Fabriano (jaunatre, sans acide, un peu de texture)
006 - Papier avec lignes (lignes imprimes sur des feuilles d'imprimantes de 8"x10", ideal pour un journal)

If you live in or travel to Montreal, and would like to place an order for a personalized handmade book, you can reach me by e-mail.

Or you can check my Etsy shop for already made books if you live outside the city/province.

Si vous habitez ou vous vous deplacez a Montreal et vous aimeriez faire une commande pour un livre fait a la main, vous pouver me rejoindre par courriel.

Ou, si vous habitez en dehors de la province, ou du pays, vous pouvez visiter ma boutique Etsy pour visionner des livres deja faits.


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