Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Book for sale

A completely handmade book for sale :)

It is 9 x 12 inches, has a patchwork sewn fabric cover, ribbon bookmark, and white vellum pages (feels and looks like bond paper - slightly textured).

It's perfect for drawing or writing, sketching, planning.. anything you can think to fill blank pages with!

I'm selling it for $48.

Let me know if you're interested :)


The holidays

The only thing I don't like about the holidays is the fact that I can't ride my bike anymore and that under three layers of socks, my toes are still cold. Otherwise, the holidays aren't so bad.

Hope you had fun with you and yours and have much to look forward in the new year!


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Simple pleasures 3

My current work involves helping Design students create their projects when it involves sewing or textile printing (thus far) and I consider it a simple pleasure as I've found it to be really satisfying to see a project come together after hours of a student's hard work. Like this one for example, of a fabric banana with zipper peels that has various information machine embroidered on them, suggesting a darker side of this famous fruit, that has been concealed from us. Visit Banana Link for more info on the current unfair trade of bananas.

Earlier this month, to get in the xmas mood, I decided to be adventurous at my current favourite bakery and bought a tree shaped dessert! I have to say it was better than amazing. I did not expect what was in there at all. It was a moist chocolate mousse with a caramel.. something surprise in the center. Blew my mind.. along with how simple this strawberry nail tutorial was :)

Happy Holidays everyone!


Simple pleasures 2

Pre-december, I was pretty self-indulgent and had my very first cake pop (amazing), ate savoury  breakfast crepes (with prosciuto and two types of cheeses), flipping through the newest IKEA catalogue (those polka dots, that table, the everything, swoon~) and the fastest cupcake I ever made (ahem - assembled is more accurate) and ate!

Also, I discovered a new song that I really like, Pumped Up Kicks by Foster The People.


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Simple pleasures 1

Just before the first snow fall, I took one last walk through the park near my house. It truly felt like the end of Autumn with the couples holding hands, owners walking their dogs, children playing in the leaves and squirrels everywhere! I just had to take a picture but what was truly surprising is how focused the squirrels became once they saw me digging through my bag! As though expecting me to have food. I felt really bad about not having anything to give them once I saw those hopeful faces.. Definitely next year my little furry friends. 



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