Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Short novel book commission!

Here is another book I recently made which was supposed to arrive at the owner's door step today but will instead arrive in two days. Long story... literally! I had an awesome opportunity from an unsuspected source; the younger sister of a High School friend who so happened to see some of the books I've made in the past and had a really amazing idea. She wanted me to bind a story that she had written for a friend of hers. Admittedly, I've never done that before. Actually, that's not really true, I did bind a small poem book and a short story, but they weren't any longer than 30 pages. This story however is an impressive 127 pages! 93 in word doc. 

When I first received the doc file, I immediately began reading it because I figured it would be important to understand the content so that I can have a better idea (feeling) of what kind of font/size/cover/etc.. I should use. A few pages in I was completely riveted by the writing until I noticed that it was a personal story! And so I stopped in my tracks! This girl is a super talented writer and I consider myself quite privileged to be her first "publisher", hehe.

So here you have it, hours and hours of formatting and kerning in quarkexpress and a gift package I am quite pleased with. I wouldn't mind doing this sort of project again! I have learnt so much and it is such an amazing feeling seeing the final result :)

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