Sunday, April 24, 2011


Today is a lovely and uneventful day, it's Easter everyone! It's a holiday I don't really celebrate. In the past when other family members were in closer proximity, we would get together and eat supper. No eggs (well some eggs) or chocolates involved. I never really understood easter or any of the major holidays, they seemed to have all stemmed from some sort of religious background but they don't feel very religious. A few years ago I learnt the pagan backgrounds of the many "christian" holidays. Christmas for instance, stems from the festival of lights which celebrates the day of the year when the sun begins to rise closer to the earth and thus our days slowly begin to lengthen until the clock goes back an hour.

Easter also has pagan origins and if you're interested you can read up on it here. So to celebrate being home alone during Easter, I thought I would eat some crepes, just because :) I was quite unsuccessful in the past but this time, it worked out really well! I followed this recipe (scroll down for the crepes). I added some vanilla extract to mine and next time I think I will stick to only 1tbsp of melted butter. They were so insanely delicious (the batch made about 6) and I ate them with only a side order of sliced bananas, I think I would just die if I had nutella or jam or whipped cream with a mountain of fruits on top... *drowning in drool*

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