Friday, May 21, 2010

Lazy days are always the most productive

Interestingly true. On leisurely errand days, productivity is accomplished more effectively. I learn more from daily life and interaction than in classrooms. Sometimes that's not true. It could've been the sunshine, but today was an insightful and full of dreams day.

Working very hard at documenting my inventory as well as helping a colleague sew a project while finishing mine for an expo happening in one week EXACTLY.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

TWO SOLD! business cards & 3 SMALLEST FOR SALE!!!

I finally made some business cards!!! I left them with the owner of a small omer de serres and he bought a sketchbook from me, his tactic is to use it and if ever the subject of book making comes up he shows it off and hands over my card that way I get more commisions!

I'm amazed how interested people are in handmade books, I've had alot of good advice from the colleages about where I should go and how much I should price my books at, very useful information in deeed.

Here are the business cards as they are for now, as I plan to change them since I had a revolutionary moment with illustrator and know now how to make them better.
two sold books (9X6) 15$ each:

I present to you the smallest sketchbook of the sizes I offer!! I've made smaller before but it was ridiculously useless, or useful.. who knows I might try again!

(4.5X3) 5$

I'm about to scan my inventory of cover fabrics, paper and end paper but it's going to take a while, hopefully by next week it should all be in and will make it easier for anyone to pick and choose their combinations. I know I'm looking forward to it.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

1 commission = 4 books, hein?!

Here I go again! Lovely Keri asked that I make her a book. So I did, there were specifications which made for a super personalized traveling diary/sketchbook and I am beginning to think this is what will make my books amazing. Most are hybrids anyway, I combine different types of paper for different purposes. So far I've been adding 16 watercolour paper to the regular sketchbooks I've made. Yes it's great.
Along with that commission, I mentioned to the supervisor of a small Omer de serres that I made books because apparently the company which made the cover fabric for books (paper and fabric already preglued for books making - the purple one here) has stopped production!!!! So he said to bring by a few books as his employees would be interested. I hope that means they'll be on display hahahahaha I can dream!!
(9X6) 20$ each except blue one

^ Blue one is sold, 3 underneath are for sale

^pink one

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Here are the rest of the books I sold, I am so happy I was reminded of how much I like to make books and I can't wait to make more to put up for sale here!!

I also finally made the huge sketchbook I showed before! It has a new home now.
It is the largest size I can make, 12X8.5.


What a long hiatus!!! Unfortunately life was beyond my control and certain unfortunate events led to me completely forgetting about my own worth and I took a dive into the sea of sadness and despair. I think seasonal depression played a key role in this.

Anyway!! A few months ago I had contacted my drawing teacher from the course I had taken last summer with her in Italy suggesting my services for making sketchbooks for the new group going on the 1 month adventure this summer.

Unfortunately she only remembered to forward it recently but better sooner than later. I had completely forgotten about it but was contacted by 3 students! These are the sketchbooks I made for one and I had to share because they are so so pretty.

They are 6X9.

sold sold sold!!!


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