Friday, April 29, 2011

Vogue Knitting 1969

Today, I went to Village des Valeurs which is a chain similar to the Salvation Army. When I was really really young, my mother used to bring me there to buy clothing or toys. My early memories associated to thrifting were very positive, I was so in love with my poodle skirt and my neck-to-hem ruffled short sleeved white blouse and proud that I had won a drawing contest which allowed me to buy that bag of barbies and ponies. However, I went through a phase during my tweens when I was really embarrassed about having second hand stuff and began coveting new clothing and jewelry. It was a sad phase and I am so glad it's gone! Because now every time I go to a second hand store, I always find something I need or love or both! On today's hunt, I found a (misplaced, next to a bart simpson wall clock) Vogue Knitting magazine from 1969! As soon as it had caught my eye, I was flipping through it and immediately put it in my basket. As you'll see in the photos below (and there are plenty to look at), how could I not buy it!? And do you know what else? I have a pattern for every single piece..and it only cost me 99 cents. I also bought other gems, of which I will photograph later :)

And now be amazed at the glam, the kitsch and all of the shades of gray in between..

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Short novel book commission!

Here is another book I recently made which was supposed to arrive at the owner's door step today but will instead arrive in two days. Long story... literally! I had an awesome opportunity from an unsuspected source; the younger sister of a High School friend who so happened to see some of the books I've made in the past and had a really amazing idea. She wanted me to bind a story that she had written for a friend of hers. Admittedly, I've never done that before. Actually, that's not really true, I did bind a small poem book and a short story, but they weren't any longer than 30 pages. This story however is an impressive 127 pages! 93 in word doc. 

When I first received the doc file, I immediately began reading it because I figured it would be important to understand the content so that I can have a better idea (feeling) of what kind of font/size/cover/etc.. I should use. A few pages in I was completely riveted by the writing until I noticed that it was a personal story! And so I stopped in my tracks! This girl is a super talented writer and I consider myself quite privileged to be her first "publisher", hehe.

So here you have it, hours and hours of formatting and kerning in quarkexpress and a gift package I am quite pleased with. I wouldn't mind doing this sort of project again! I have learnt so much and it is such an amazing feeling seeing the final result :)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Bunny sugar cookies!

A while back I was at the dollar store (ok yes I guess I go there often!) and was walking down the easter isle with all of the bells and whistles nobody really needs, but one thing caught my eye, a cookie cutter/decoration mix. Although it was weird that 1) It was a crayola product and 2) it was actually produced for the dollar store line I guess they knew who they were selling to, because of course, I bought it. I figured heck I can make fun bunny shaped cookies and for the first round I'll have some eyes and icing for it.

As a result of this on-the-whim purchase, here is my very first batch of sugar cookies! I followed this recipe mainly and checked this one for some tips.

Been knitting..

Here is the "thing" I've been knitting recently, it is a replica of a scarf my mother knitted and that I have "borrowed" for an undetermined amount of time. Hers is a really nice chartreuse colour (and I always get compliments when I wear it) but I sort of feel bad when asked if I made it because I have to say no and because I totally could! And so while I watch films or wait for something to cook/bake, I whip out this bundle of blue and knit.. I have quite a way to go since it is large widthwise and will be super long.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Adele, 2009.

Two years ago, about a week before I was off to Italy, I so happened to see in the paper that Adele would be playing a show soon, knowing I loved her voice and songs, I immediately rushed to buy a ticket. It was such a lovely night, I even dressed up and bought a fancy drink. Adele was a total sweetheart and as you'll see in my footage compilation video below, she even gestures to me (my camera) during one of her songs. It took me a while to think to put this video together but it is so much fun and I have started to begin editing numerous video clips I have taken for other shows as well as during travels (including Italy:)

The lucky (although be it sometimes self-condescending and pessimistic) dog that I am, I get to see her again! Her show in my city will be this coming May and you know I will have to edit another video for it, seeing as I am seriously thinking I've become some sort of amateur enthusiast (despite having taken about 2 uni classes in video editing, only to become more familiar with windows movie maker :P). This time around however I was an early bird, actually, my friend was. She recently fell in love with Adele's music and posted about the show on fb (I was unaware of it) and thus our tickets got bought together.. which is a swift move because about 2 months later the tickets had sold out! I am completely looking forward to this!!


Today is a lovely and uneventful day, it's Easter everyone! It's a holiday I don't really celebrate. In the past when other family members were in closer proximity, we would get together and eat supper. No eggs (well some eggs) or chocolates involved. I never really understood easter or any of the major holidays, they seemed to have all stemmed from some sort of religious background but they don't feel very religious. A few years ago I learnt the pagan backgrounds of the many "christian" holidays. Christmas for instance, stems from the festival of lights which celebrates the day of the year when the sun begins to rise closer to the earth and thus our days slowly begin to lengthen until the clock goes back an hour.

Easter also has pagan origins and if you're interested you can read up on it here. So to celebrate being home alone during Easter, I thought I would eat some crepes, just because :) I was quite unsuccessful in the past but this time, it worked out really well! I followed this recipe (scroll down for the crepes). I added some vanilla extract to mine and next time I think I will stick to only 1tbsp of melted butter. They were so insanely delicious (the batch made about 6) and I ate them with only a side order of sliced bananas, I think I would just die if I had nutella or jam or whipped cream with a mountain of fruits on top... *drowning in drool*

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Friday, April 15, 2011

Cloud, Metallic, Lacey Lilac, Plum Seduction and Black

It seems that I have subconsciously purchased all of the colours of this fabric in nailpolishes this week in the hopes of allowing myself some happiness. The pen is really cool, but I think it is more of a water based nail lacquer as it rubs off really easily, it would be best to add a clear layer on top. The Plum Seduction is just divine and proves once again to be MY colour.. along with red. I almost bought blue. Why does colouring my nails make me feel better???

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Travel sketchbook, Art exchange oh my!

A custom sketchbook for a friend who is just about to begin her summer travels to far away lands that are close tot he heart. It all began with me lusting over one of her paintings and asking if she would produce a small version of it in exchange for a handmade book, tuque and wrist warmers. The two latter items have been half produced, but their seasonal timing is a bit off.. I will have to hand those over later.

This book cover is truly a delight, it is 100% silk with a printed photograph of a forest by Mazi Javidiani, a fellow alumni with more talents than I can count. When I saw his photograph, I knew right away I wanted it to be on a book cover. Initially I was thinking on semi-glossy paper but then the opportunity to print it on silk presented itself and so I went forth with it! The soon-to-be owner of this book had chosen a different fabric for the cover but I happened to have the silk when I met up with her and she fell in love with it too:) And thus is the result of such a story.

I hope to perhaps one day design my own book fabrics for covers..

Moi César, 10 ans1/2, 1m39

Here is a movie I paid 2$ for. It isn't new, it was released in 2003 and is truly a gem. Lately I've been having bad luck with purchasing movies. Mind you I'm not spending big bucks, but it has accumulated and I wish I could have some of that money back..but not for this one! Looking at the cover and reading the synopsis I imagined it would be sort of a quirky tween film, which it is, but it had so much more depth and heart than I expected. If this were a Hollywood film, it would be absolutely horrible. Luckily it is raw, funny and painful, like much of the memories I have of my own in-between years.


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