Sunday, April 24, 2011

Adele, 2009.

Two years ago, about a week before I was off to Italy, I so happened to see in the paper that Adele would be playing a show soon, knowing I loved her voice and songs, I immediately rushed to buy a ticket. It was such a lovely night, I even dressed up and bought a fancy drink. Adele was a total sweetheart and as you'll see in my footage compilation video below, she even gestures to me (my camera) during one of her songs. It took me a while to think to put this video together but it is so much fun and I have started to begin editing numerous video clips I have taken for other shows as well as during travels (including Italy:)

The lucky (although be it sometimes self-condescending and pessimistic) dog that I am, I get to see her again! Her show in my city will be this coming May and you know I will have to edit another video for it, seeing as I am seriously thinking I've become some sort of amateur enthusiast (despite having taken about 2 uni classes in video editing, only to become more familiar with windows movie maker :P). This time around however I was an early bird, actually, my friend was. She recently fell in love with Adele's music and posted about the show on fb (I was unaware of it) and thus our tickets got bought together.. which is a swift move because about 2 months later the tickets had sold out! I am completely looking forward to this!!

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