Friday, May 20, 2011


Evans dot co dot uk, has been really grinding my gears. It turns out that it is quite difficult to cancel a return request. I decided too quickly to request a return for the shoes I purchased and so only realized that same night as I was dozing off, that I probably would have to pay for the postage. Damn! They need the item to arrive within 14 days of delivery, and for me to make that happen, I will have to spend at least 40$ (probably more due to the size/weight of the box) in order to get 28$ back, and that's IF they receive it. They are also asking that it has a tracking # and the price freaking doubles if I add that! But that isn't all.. I have a mysterious 40$ missing from my bank account from around the same time as the initial transaction. Because for some idiotic reason, paypal decided it would try to access my bank to pay for the evans purchase when I was under the comprehension that it would take it from my credit card, which it did, only because there wasn't enough in the bank. What's more, I can't remove my bank info from paypal because there is a pending transaction (the return that refuses to be cancelled!). UGH. I am trying to deal with this, and am hoping dearly that I won't have to spend/lose money that was so hard-earned.

So what do I do? I go shopping at Mouliné and eat a nénuphar at Première Moisson. (which was lovely because of the amazing Nicole of course:)

Also bought a festive nail polish in light of my birthday coming up this Monday and once again, I've not made any plans to celebrate it

so cute, but why must you shed so much!?

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