Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I've been eating out so often lately! On the one hand it's great because eating out usually (um, always) means I am meeting up with friends and get to taste great food I wouldn't know how to make unless I tried and failed so many times before getting it right. Last night's occasion was sort of just to grab a bite to eat at Piazzetta before going to see Adele perform across the street. I was originally in line (a bit early and in a good spot) but in the end I left to go eat instead. The flat crust pizza I ordered (la cugina) was amazing! They also had a really enticing dessert menu that I would have ordered from if the thought of being stuck all the way at the back of the theater wasn't itching the back of my mind! Oh well.. I had a great time nonetheless and am preparing a post about Adele's amazing performance very soon. In the meantime, feast with your eyes! 


  1. Where is that? Looks delicious!
    And I am so jealous you got to see Adele.

  2. La Piazzetta is not even a 2 minute walk from Beaudry metro, just before the Olympia theater (where Adele performed!). I was so lucky to see her I know! You know how there are usually scalpers outside of a show? Well they were there, except they were asking to buy tickets instead!! It was crazy full and Adele said we were the best crowd yet even surpassing her homecoming show in London! My photos and videos aren't so great, but I discovered this person's youtube (http://www.youtube.com/user/clydeondrums#p/u/12/4prrg3DIZ0c) where they uploaded amazing quality videos of the show and whole songs at that!



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