Sunday, May 15, 2011

Toi, Moi & Café

I met up with two good friends of mine today, we went to a small cafe that was introduced to me by another good friend, whom I bumped into on my way to meet aforementioned friends! She and her boyfriend were going to sit down for a cup after going to eat at the market. It truly is a great place and brings back customers because of the good service and amazing food. Which I forgot to photograph because I was drooling so much! However I know there will definitely be a next time and so plenty more photo ops will arise. Toi, Moi & Café has some of the best coffee ever, it's smooth and has no bitter aftertaste. As for the food, the menu is fresh and has really appetizing ingredients. You can order a ham, cheese and béchamel sauce crepe or a gourmet burger with spinach and dried tomato. It really is somewhere between slow and fast food as well as between a coffee shop and a restaurant. A really nice comfort zone where you can meet with friends and exchange gifts or plop open a text book and quietly study to lounge-y world music.

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