Saturday, May 7, 2011

Etsy purchase #3!!

Oh boy, could I be any more addicted? I've actually made 5 purchases in all (1 is on its way soon and the other I haven't photographed yet). I never imagined that I would be on Etsy this year, but since last January I've been taking one giant step after the other and now have 15 items in a shop and one sale under my belt. Through the experience (albeit somewhat daunting when paypal asks you to fill out a small business form), I've come to appreciate Etsy and learn how necessary it is to build knowledge as a buyer in order to be a better seller. Also, knowing that the products I'm buying are handmade and designed/packaged/etc by the seller themselves, adds a whole other level of enjoyment to it, especially considering the kind of quality that is being produced.

This purchase was once again done from Joo Sweetie's shop (total favourite price-wise and cute-wise). My second purchase from this seller was driven by the attention to detail and the quality of her creations. Her magnets are so incredibly well-designed and cute. Actually, I stumbled upon her shop because I had searched "Croatia" out of curiosity and found a magnet set (which I later bought) of two cuties greeting each other with "Zdravo" ("Hi"). This time I had to get the "let them eat cake" Marie-Antoinette and Louis magnets because.. well, you'll see in the photos, I just had to have them! But that couldn't be all, so I decided to also purchase one of her "mystery goodies" that I could give them as gifts. I do think I need a brake from all of this shopping. I should focus more on making some money if I have any hopes of making my dreams come true!

These keychains are glorious! In her shop, they seemed quite small but when I saw this one in person, it was huge! I have an idea who I could give this to..

These are gorgeous little glass bead earrings. A little detail you might not notice: the metal wire doesn't go all the way through to the bottom.

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