Monday, March 28, 2011

Homemade scrapbooking paper tape! DIY!

I am so stoked about this mini DIY project. While browsing through the blogs that I follow on my blogger dashboard I noticed one that caught my eye : DIY Custom Patterned Paper Tape by Aunt Peaches. Such an inexpensive and innovative way to create your own tape (or stickers!!). I didn't expect to have a go at this tutorial so quickly but today when I went to the dollarstore and saw some double sided tape, I had a little EUREKA moment and realized this is totally do-able. And boy is it ever. I have been keeping the cut-offs of the scrapbooking papers I use for my bookmaking knowing that one day I will find a use for them and this is it!

It is so easy..

step 1. stick double sided tape onto the back of a patterned paper.

step 2. cut off the end of the double sided tape to the length of the paper.

step 3. rub the backside of the paper with a bone filer or your fingers to make sure the tape adheres properly.

step 4. cut strips, following the edges of the tape.

step 5. Voila! Pretty paper tape! Now just cut the desired length for your projects!

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