Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Chocolates and fortunes

Ah.. such successes! It feels good when SOME things go well. Life on the other hand can deal you lots of drama, but chocolate (especially homemade) can make it all go away for a temporary while. Behold my creations! Through a bit of researching online I figured out how to make chocolates using ice trays as molds. I'm sure there is a thorough tutorial on instructables (though I didn't think of checking there! dang!), but I would gladly share how I made them when I do so again, they are incredibly easy. We (my aunt and younger cousin) filled our chocolates with nutella and almonds. So simple, so delicious. I was even surprised myself! My aunt and uncle were still raving about how good they were even 3-4 days later.

Since Valentines I have been dabbling in so much sweets-making, it is undeniable that the lack of sunshine is getting to me and I am seeking seratonin where ever I can get my hands on it! These fortune cookies definitely helped cure some blues, following Annie's Eats recipe, I was actually able to successfully make some. Never in my life would I have thought I'd be making these, but there I was burning my thumbs and eating them up gleefully ~_~.


  1. It all looks sooo delicious... *drool... Who can resist to chocolate?!?

  2. muahahahAHAHAH, NOBODY can resist chocolate!



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