Monday, October 1, 2012

Foster The People - be still my heartbeat!

And here it is, the most extremely belated post there ever was! I saw Foster The People way back in June at the Lachine Canal with Kimbra as one of the opening acts. As I had mentioned in the Kimbra concert recap, I essentially went to see her, knowing that I liked a couple of FTP songs but their performance blew me AWAY. It was so vibrant and energetic and catchy and fun and had me singing and jumping like no one's business. I'm not even exaggerating, they left me elated and I cannot WAIT for the day that I might see them in concert again. I almost regret not buying one of their t-shirts (almost - concert tees are always ridiculously overpriced!).

I leave you now with my wonderful photos (so proud) and a short but sweet video compilation of their performance as so much of my space went to Kimbra's performance, though I'm happy how well it represents the experience. Enjoy!

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