Monday, October 15, 2012

A little bit crazy, a lot belated

So much catching up to do! Many of these photos are from a few months ago. To begin, I bought a blouse pattern that I had intended to make out of a black and large white polka dots fabric we have in the shop. I haven't gotten to it yet but I want to very soon! Next I finally got myself some embroidery scissors which are good for trimming small threads. I could have bought one from the ones we carry at the shop but how could I resist bunny scissors!? Another purchase I made was of quite possibly the cutest pencil case in history. The illustrations are so well done and SO adorable, again, resistance was futile. I also bought quite a few fabrics at fabricville, one of which has eyes that glow in the dark! I've since sewn it into a reversible bag but still have to sew on a button, a button loop and finish it off with a bit of top stitching.

My next set of belated photos are from window gazing at a shop I've admired for a while now, it's called Surface Jalouse and the furniture they carry is so striking and bold. I hope to own a few of their pieces in my future dwelling some day.

Lastly, I did something I've always wanted to do ever since I was a teen but for some reason never was adventurous enough. I bleached my hair! My reason for not going all the way to my roots was because I worry about damaging the hair follicle. I like the effect however and look forward to making my other dream come true, dying it pink!

I leave you with a bit of a catchy 80s pop tune for some finger snapping while you browse the nets. Check out that vacant stare:

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