Saturday, October 27, 2012


Last Saturday was part 2 of the first ever hardcover bookmaking class I led at the shop I work at (which is sadly closing tomorrow). The group consisted of 3 students and 1 co-worker. Everybody was extremely successful and the results were fantastic! I'm very happy to have been able to teach bookmaking (and sewing!) at Emeline & Annabelle's, they've given me so much hope, independence and inspiration. I've been overly blessed these last couple of months. Hopefully what awaits me in the future is 1/10th as good and perhaps that will include another hardcover bookmaking class. hm hm, who knows?

Isabelle (from Zabelle et la bête) with her newly handmade book.

Maureen and I admiring her book, Lisa's book and Maureen working diligently.

Leticia working on her book, which has become one amongst many from her bountiful of completed projects

Lisa and Maureen with their books and working on them so professionally.

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