Tuesday, July 10, 2012


On June 12th I was at an INCREDIBLE show by the Lachine Canal featuring Foster The People as the main act and Kimbra as one of the two opening acts. It was the day of our big move and my independence (sort of - *sings* I get by with a little help from my friends ;). I had initially heard of FTP coming to my city but wasn't completely sold considering the somewhat pricey ticket (not really but I'm used to paying a bit less). As a separate thought, I decided to look up and see if Kimbra had any shows coming up. Low and behold I find she has one in my city!! And it's with FTP! That sealed the deal and I bought my ticket soon thereafter because I am so blessed to be working.

She played a fantastic set, what a lovely girl! She spoke amazing French and did some live-looping. She also made eye contact with me and smiled when I sung along! Gosh I loved her and was really surprised to find that she's only 21! I was sure she was in her late 20s. She has that old soul aura about her. She held her own so well and had such an awesome band that I have to dedicate a whole post to her. Here are some of my favourite shots and a video montage of the clips I filmed during her performance. 

On a last note, lucky me, she's coming back in the fall! YAY!

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