Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What!? Kids aren't supposed to drink cranberry juice!

Recently I have been playing with felt again, it is great fun and so comforting. I hadn't noticed before that felt had that effect on me! It is as comforting as listening to The Raconteurs with sore legs.

Rather than hand felting, I machine felted offcuts of 100% wool sweaters and got all sorts of interesting bits to work with from the process, with which I created these "buttons". The one below is my favourite, it's a strange little creature.

In conjuction with having to create flowers with wool sweater offcuts, I coincidentally found a tutorial that was specifically about that! Check out Aunt Peaches' sweater felt flower making tutorial to make your own :B


  1. how did you make this? can you teach me?

  2. of course I can! But for the price of a small drawing ;p



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