Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday is movie night?

Tonight my friend and I went to go see a movie called "The Proposal", it was quite spontaneous. I had seen the poster and it didn't lead me to think it to be a good movie but when we were deliberating which movie to see, she sent me the trailer and I was pleasantly surprised, I really wanted to see this movie all of a sudden!

So we made plans to meet tonight and when I arrived at the movie theater, I found my friend in the middle of a huge line! Who would've known Monday night was THE movie night!

It was nice and lively at the theater and I realized that the last few times I had gone it was rather sullen and quiet, it's nice to see people laughing, smiling and enjoying themselves, it's very contageous.

Which makes a great movie even greater. Although the plot line isn't exactly new, it is done in a believable way and I believe that is due to the amazing performances and direction given by all who were involved. I truly loved this movie to bits and cannot wait to see it over and over again:)

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