Friday, May 27, 2016

Marche Creatif Etsy MTL - Picture post!

Get ready for a whoooooole lot of pictures! Last weekend on Saturday April 30th I had an unexpected day off but I knew I wanted to check out the Marche Creatif Etsy MTL happening that weekend. A large number of local Montreal Designers and Artisans gathered at Technopole Angus to sell a variety of handmade goods. I had never been in the area before and saw a few metro stations on the way that I had never seen before either. It was a really fun day of exploring the city I've lived in for most of my life.

After waiting about 10-15 minutes in line, the sight upon entering was quite spectacular. Although the space wasn't the biggest, it was packed with so many vendors and beautiful things to see! Including this little "Etsy MTL" photobooth wall made by and old school University school mate Tania Mignacca (if I'm not mistaken), who also runs the Ponto webcomic based on a character she designed and created. 

I love me a good market and was brought back to the markets I saw while on a short trip to London  5 years ago. ~_~

The first booth that caught my eye was this lovely display by Vuela Vuela Bijoux. With mini magnetic terraniums and vintage earrings, I had to buy a few of these delicate an unique pieces for myself!

Pictured below: A doll and bunny charm bracelet, a tea kettle rings, and fabric scissors earrings. 

To be honest I wish I would have bought more and do intend to in the future, just look at these!!

The next booth I spent a bit of time at was that of Marie Calude Marquis. Her work was satire + puns at its very best. Mixing Quebec popular culture and slang kitschy crafts and house hold products. A total work of genius. And I regret only buying some pins! (I didn't want to over spend but those mugs and cards are so good!).

Her greeting cards were fantastic! And the watercolour illustration ones brought me back to my childhood, seeing various Quebec kid shows that were popular with children in the 90s. Including les club des 100 WATTS! Which my elementary school had a program for so for a few weeks instead of going to recess a few other students and myself got to do experiments and put our hands on an electro magnetic ball that made our hair stand up!

My humble Marrie-Claude Marquis purchases. 

A few more of the beautiful booths I had a gander at:

The flavour I got: strawberry and mango.

Ponto and his mum Tania!

More ponto plushies (she makes them all herself!) and the pins and stickers I bought :)

A black and white selfie after picking up a few groceries at the Provigo nearby. 

This day was absolutely one of my favourites.

Lovely sticker showing a compiled cityscape of a few recognizable Montreal buildings.

And lastly a few nature shots including the Olympic Stadium in the wild. It was very important to remain quiet so as not to disturb it.

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