Friday, May 27, 2016

Downtown outing with Julia! Day 1!

During my friend Julia's visit to Montreal in March since moving to Calgary, I had the great pleasure to spend some time with her adventuring and eating delicious foods.

First we went to the Concordia Co-op Bookstore. Of the 5 years I was in University I NEVER heard of this place! Or perhaps wasn't inquisitive enough to look for it.. What a huge loss, it is wonderful. Used books, new books, stationary, zines, silkscreened tote bags. It's a treasure chest as dressed a book shop!

Such a clever way to organize zines.

This illustrative alphabet by Kate Lavut was hilarious.

After that we pit-stopped at one of my favourite places to grab a quick something to eat whenever I'm wandering downtown: 

I mainly go for their falafel pita. The half portion is filling enough for me and costs just a little over 5$ which is great. My favourite treats from there are the double trouble brownie, and viramisu cake (a vegan tiramisu).

For this occassion we decided to go for the trio option that is the half falafel pita with a salad and a drink.
It was beautiful just to look at and tasted really nice.

The sweet potato salad was a bit spicy so I would warn for anyone who might not enjoy that! I did though.

We capped the meal off with some chai tea and a shared slice of viramisu cake (pictured is half of a whole slice!)

My Co-op Bookstore purchases:

Typewriter silkcreened patch on a square of fabric.

Some metro station pins.

Mini zine about a nudist cat.

Natural herbs for mental health zine.

And lastly a lovely picture I took of my friend, I managed to capture her essence and how pleasant or meetup was.

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