Friday, May 27, 2016

Downtown outing with Julia! Day 2!

So after meeting up with my friend Julia once during her visit, I was able to see her again!

This time we went to Burritoville. I'd never been there before, it was Julia's recommendation and I really really liked it. So much so that I went back on my own on a later occasion. Sadly however it seems that is may be closing :( .. I really hope it's not true!!

yum yum

Some tea and a sweet potato buritto.

Before we went to eat however we stopped by the the Museum of Fine Arts of Montreal to check out an exhibition that was up for one last day. It was an installation of guitars and birds flying and resting on them, creating sounds/music.

On the way to, we found this wall of plushies that I had to stop and take pictures of.

Photos weren't allowed within the installation so I tried to draw some sketches.

Including a quick one of my friend :)

We continued to wander a bit and found a chandelier with peacocks on it covered in metled wax.

Installation and sculpture by Petah Coyne, titled "Trois paons".

Captioning Julia: "Aw yiss, weird Art."

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