Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A belated sketchbook post!

What a wild ride these recent months have been. Yet, even when the waters of my life are calm, I'm still not very organized when it comes to blog posting.. This is something I need to work at, since I find great satisfaction in photographing my work and sharing it to whoever may stumble upon here.

Today's belated post is of a pair of sketchbooks I had made back in late April/early May, for a student who was about to go on a month-long intense drawing course in Italy. The very same I had been to 3 years ago! (why does time fly?? I want to go back!). It's a really great feeling to hand over completely handmade sketchbooks to someone who is about to venture off into an adventure. I've been lucky to be such an accomplice quite a few times since officially starting to sell my sketchbooks.

I still feel I have much to do and learn in regards to bookmaking (and life in general) but I am most definitely driven, and that's what counts the most.


  1. Beautiful! You are so talented, Mili!

  2. Hi Mili! I've enjoyed having a look at your lovely photos on your blog. I've added some entries on my new blog and mentioned you a couple of times(! Thanks for teaching me to sew, I really enjoyed it. I made some curtains on my own this week-end! Suzie :)



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