Monday, September 27, 2010

Perfect Binding

First entirely successful perfect bound book!

Perfect Binding is a type of book-making which doesn't require any sewing. The pages of the book are bound together by either glue and string or just glue alone. In my case, I simply pressed the pages together in my makeshift book press (easy as pie) and applied a few layers of elmer's glue onto the spine. Things to keep in mind were to not press the sheets too tightly, but tightly enough so that the glue wouldn't run down between the sheets of paper as well as to let the last thick layer of glue dry overnight for maximum awesome.

This is a book my younger brother helped prepare (as it will be his) and so I was able to show him how it is made. Next Sunday, we shall be going to see The Gorillaz in concert (!!) so I (tried) to transfer an image of them onto the thick card stock paper with acetone (while wearing heavy duty protective gear!) but my paper was too textured so I went over it a bit with an ink pen. You try, you learn!

I'm infinitely pleased with the results and intend on making more!

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