Sunday, September 5, 2010


Here are my most successful cupcakes as of yet! I really have to flatter myself this time, they came out so great and delicious. The occasion that called for them was my younger brother's birthday, I wanted them to be a bit more original so I created origami cubes and paper cranes to use as toppers. I got the idea from a tutorial through

Also, I found a really great tutorial through of how to make origami boxes and I used it to create boxes to keep the cupcakes in as well as for a small gift I prepared for my brother.

I got the image from a flickr account called Amirugumi Kingdom and coloured it in with wooden pencils and ink as I don't have a colour printer.

I used the excess cardboard to make separators, makes it look nice and fance. yesitsaword.

Ahh how eclectic. love it.

If only I had better writing!

mini paper crane, movable fingers key-chain and a wrist guard for a budding guitarist.

Making these boxes was really easy and fun, I suggest you learn, it's super useful.


  1. mili, I love you more ! it's soooo cute... Open a bakery!!!!

  2. Oh and I'll write things with a beautiful handwriting for you!
    But by the way, you know how to do cursive these days don't you?



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