Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Here are the rest of the books I sold, I am so happy I was reminded of how much I like to make books and I can't wait to make more to put up for sale here!!

I also finally made the huge sketchbook I showed before! It has a new home now.
It is the largest size I can make, 12X8.5.


  1. Hey thank you very much for following my blog! I appreciate it.

    The books you make are wonderful. The paper that you use, what is it like texture and thickness wise? Do you have a particular place you sell them?


  2. No problem! I enjoyed looking at your work so it was a no brainer, hehe.

    I'm using standard sketchbook paper. On the pad it describes itself as "Standard weight cartridge paper, with smooth texture for pencil and colour markers."

    I'm in the phase of searching out various types of papers I can get in bulk and are economical for me and won't make the prices of my books too high but also acid free and good for sketching/note taking.

    I just started selling them though mostly in my area (montreal), but I've been thinking about starting an etsy in the near future!!!

    Before then however if I have to mail anything the shipping costs should be considered.



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