Saturday, August 12, 2017

Les Deuxluxes au Parc Morgan!

On July 26th, 2017, I was at home cleaning my files and photos from my phone. I transfer everything to a folder in my laptop to make room for more picture taking. As I was going through my previous photos, I noticed one of a poster I had seen earlier that month, the day after I returned from my trip to Europe. It was next to a grocery store where I had just gotten two nectarines and a dairy-free coffee smoothie (that I
LOVE called Go Nuts from Happy Planet). It listed different dates and performers and I took a photo to look at it later.

However I had forgotten about it until then! And when I read through the list of dates I noticed there was a show the next day! On the 27th! I had never heard of the group before, Les Deuxluxes, but after a bit of youtube research, I realized this was a show I definitely would want to assist! And the amazing part I came to realize was that it was a free outdoor show! And there would be food and drinks!

So after work the next day I had a few hours to kill before the evening. I hung around downtown a bit and my wandering felt a bit pointless. I paid for an overpriced and disappointing late lunch and then had a pastry and a coffee near a metro station. I won't lie, I wasn't in a great mood and felt a bit down.. I even considered going back home! (thank goodness I didn't!!)

I watched a few more of their videos and decided that no, I was not going to miss this! Before heading to the Park where they would be playing (Parc Morgan), I stopped at a nearby forever21 because I remembered a pink velvet dress I wanted to try on but was feeling too low earlier to do so.

I didn't have much time however as the show would begin at 6:30 pm! So after I tried on the dress I was on my way!

On the way to the park while on the bus, nearing my stop, it suddenly began to rain! In the middle of sunshine! A huge downpour! I got worried because I didn't have my rainboots on and would be getting out of the bus soon. Miraculously, when I got out of the bus the rain stopped!

When I arrived at the park it was so full of people, and everyone was completely soaked! Had I been there on time, I would have been soaked, too!

Now another amazing thing was that the show had not started yet, even though I was late. I had enough time to buy a poutine and a beer to enjoy before Les Deuxluxes came on.

It was so delicious I didn't have time to take pictures!

Then the show began and it was fantastic. Les Deuxluxes are incredibly talented and have such good songs.

I cannot wait to see them again if ever I get the chance to!

After the sudden torrential rain, a wild rainbow appeared! It was magical!

A gorgeous rainbow and a wonderful crowd cheering and dancing.

Les Deuxluxes performing.

I was one of the first people at the merch table and chose to buy a button and their two albums.

Also lucky me, the merch lady gave me back the wrong change so when I returned to get my missing money I saw that Anna Frances Meyer (lead singer and guitarist) was at the table signing things!

And so of course I took my just purchased cd out to get it signed!

She was incredibly sweet and personalized the signature by asking my name and she laughed when I told her I had no idea who they were just the day before and so happened to see a poster about their show while doing some groceries. I feel that she may remember that for a little while, I know I will for a very long time!

It was a memorable and simply fantastic day for me.

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