Saturday, August 5, 2017

Halloween 2016 - Poison apple inspired!

Halloween was almost a year ago but I neglected to share my quickly put together costume that I was actually quite proud of! I didn't plan to get dressed up at first as I didn't have any plans and I would be working on the 31st. However when I saw an image of Snow White's poisoned apple online.. I started to think.. maybe I could dress up subtly for my shift that wouldn't make me stand out too much but still have a bit of fun?

So I looked in my closet and realized I had pieces that could work! All I was missing was the poisoned apple and a yellow skirt. I work at a fabric store so I got my material during a shift and made a really simple skirt I could wear leggings with.

As for the apple I searched online for a free pattern to make a plush apple and then free-hand cut out the poison skull shape in felt and hand sewed it to the apple. The result was really great! 

Blending right in. Not everyone was able to guess my costume though!

Some treats a coworker brought to share.

And my wonderful poisoned apple prop!

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