Thursday, November 19, 2015

Yesterday I had an absolutely fantastic evening. My friend and I  made plans to meet up since we were both free and she mentioned a place I had heard about before and had made a mental note to visit but then completely forgotten about in the last couple of months.. That is until she said "Why don't we go to the Cat Café??"

And I said yessss!!!! Of couuuurse!!!! And so we went.

We met up a bit earlier in the day and walked around downtown visiting a clothing store (Anthropologie), and then a book store (Indigo Books) to look at some pretty things and catch up. Then we arrived at Sherbrooke metro station, which was closest to the Happy Cat Café (Café Chat l'heureux), it was about a 15 minute walk from the metro stop. It was getting cold and we were eager to have a seat and have something to eat. And to see the kitties! 

Stopped to take a picture of a window with various graffiti and stickers. Recognized Stela Starchild's work among it.

Finally,  we arrived!

 We were immediately welcomed with a feeling of such warmth and coziness.

There was also a guestbook in the first entrance where people could leave notes (or super cute drawing in this case).

The cash/desk was beyond adorable..

With steps and shelves for the cats to hang out on and various trinkets to buy for cats and cat-lovers alike,

A little lounge chaise and a portrait photo of one of the cats, Milady,

The column had steps for the cats to climb and in the top right there was a Plexiglas walkway for the cats as well.

Here we see a Mr. Dappercat with his yellow bowtie,

Miss Luna and Luzerne, also known as fluffyfluff and cowcat.

Looking over the menu and admiring the interior decoration, which was totally my cup of tea. I need those cat pillows they're so perfect.

All the cats were relaxed and sleepy and kept to their resting spots. One of the kitties, Luzerne (the youngest) was more curious and would investigate the surroundings, even nestling in between two ladies who were chatting on one of the long couches. Every now and then you hear a squeal and a "Oh my god, so cuuute".

Me with my lentil soup (YUM) and being super ecstatic about being in amongst the glorious cats.

When our order arrived, Luzerne popped up out of nowhere to make sure we were satisfied with our food. Then just as quickly as he had appeared he disappeared back to another spot of the café.

Close-ups/picture time.

Bottom cat is our faces when we tried the brownie. It's worth mentioning that all the vegan and gluten free options are identified on the menu.

Also, next to our table there was a book shelf with all sorts of books on cats. This place is literally cat heaven.

My friend modeling a cat hat/scarf/paw thing I quickly made from a Simplicity pattern I got at work (although we don't carry that manufacturer anymore) at the sewing lab in my old school before meeting up.

We stayed until closing time which was 8pm, this little fluff parked himself on a table near the cash and let us pet him for a little bit. His little pawsies are so cute.

And to commemorate the first visit, my friend and I each got ourselves a little ring that was sold at the front desk. We were officially cat blessed by the powers that be.

Last view of the logo and the wall-of-live-in-cats.

And it looks like two more will be joining soon!

Final rating: 10000/10

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