Friday, November 20, 2015

Halloween 2015: The solo edition

So this Halloween had great promise. It wasn't all bad but I was so excited about going to a party and figuring out a costume to make and wear, but sadly I never made it.. I don't usually make plans or get dressed up but the times that I have, I've had a great time so when I can I really try to!  Since having to live a bit further away from the island however it's been difficult to go to fun things due to last bus constraints and next-day work obligations. I've been graced by lovely humans who let me sleep over, but it's a lot of back and forth and carrying bags and bags of things, so I prefer to plan out my routes when I can. I thought I had it all figured out for that night though, but miscommunication and no more data on my phone led to me solemnly travelling back home late at night..

But let's talk about the fun part! I was invited by a very lovely friend to a gathering of ghouls and immediately started thinking about what/who I should dress up as..

I was browsing the internetz when a picture of Beetlejuice popped up and I thought YES! I've always wanted to dress up as Lydia! Question was, which outfit?.. I had something in mind for the one where she initially investigates her new home and finds the ghosts, but it wasn't complete. I could carry my camera around as part of the costume and randomly take pictures, which I planned to do anyway, so there was that.

Then I thought about her red wedding dress outfit and realized I had the perfect dress pattern that could go with the theme. It's not exactly the same as the original in the movie but I could just add a whole bunch of tulle and I should be ok. I also had a really quick flash of a Beetlejuice doll I could make as a prop and drew a quick sketch so I wouldn't forget it. The final result wasn't too far off!

Working on the dress and a lil beetlejuice sketch.

Process pics of the Beetlejuice doll. It was exciting to see it come together so quickly. I also traced patterns of the shapes in case anybody else would want to make him, too.

Tada! Little bunch of green stuff at the corner of his mouth is a touch I'm quite proud of.

Looking very un-well rested despite my face being covered in makeup. I did use purple eye shadow under my eyes to accentuate my naturally occurring bags. The youtube tutorials I found were very helpful. My result turned out a bit different but wearing the outfit + makeup felt/looked great!

So although Halloween 2015 was a bit of a bust, I'm keeping my hopes up for the next one and ideas are already starting to brew :)

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