Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Looking back at London

I can't believe it's been over a year since my 5 day trip to London in November of 2010. Everything was arranged so quickly and decided at the last minute. This was the first time I financed my own trip from A to Z and flew completely solo. Although I kept wishing I could share the experience with someone else (seeing Big Ben for the first time by myself I had to act normal when all I wanted to do was yell out OMG I'M IN F*CKING LONDON!! while standing on the bridge that has been in so many Monty Python sketches, and double decker buses driving passed me like it's any other day), knowing that the experience is mine alone makes it that much more precious. I can't even begin to describe how good London was to me, even the bad was good. My eyes well up a bit when I have a flashback of a particular moment I experienced and I get butterflies in my chest thinking about all of those memories.

My British Airways food and dessert, surprisingly delicious!

Even tough I could see the trajectory and destination on my little personal tv, I still couldn't believe it.  Riding the "tube" for the first time was really exciting. 

There were so many moments where I realized I was not home anymore. Cars driving down the wrong side of the road had me confused when crossing the street and seeing completely different skylines had me thinking I was in some far away land.

Old and new. Traditional and contemporary. My two favourites. And this mish-mash describes London well.
For example, not far from this road (Bethnal Green Road), was the Brick Lane market and you would see Victorian doors and chairs for sale and a few steps further hear reggae music blasting and then a bit further down, a man dressed in an aluminium space suit with a sign above him that read "The Sonic Manipulator".

Known and unknown street art. (Seeing a space invader in real life was so surreal!)

Abbey Road was so near and surprisingly easy to find. I think I'm still in shock/denial that I was actually there. I did grab a yellow submarine pin at the Beatles coffee shop (smallest coffee shop I've ever been to!) and another small souvenir for the biggest Beatles fan I know.

Me in situ on my way back from the Metropolitan University where our plates were being exhibited (my reason for being in London in the first place). And finally, taking a photo of the plane that was to take me home after a 24h wait at the airport...(long story). 

Nevertheless, it was an unforgettable trip that I will cherish forever 

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