Friday, February 10, 2012

"Let Them Eat Cake!" Fridays?

My lovely yogi tea of choice for today, which I realized also had some sage advice for me:

Probably one of my most favourite activities, or at least the one that makes me happy no matter what, is drinking aromatic tea or bitter coffee along with a sweet pastry of some sort. It just puts me in the right. place. It's a perfect treat and honestly nothing else matters to me in that moment, everything is wonderful. I enjoy it by myself, to contemplate existential and non-existential questions or I enjoy it with others to chat about light or deep thoughts/issues. The tea acts as a natural hourglass where we can play with time, make it stop or go really...slowly.

However once that last drop of tea is gone, I'm forced back into reality.. Which is alright. I've learnt recently that I should do what makes me happy right now and not what I think "might" make me happier in the long run. I'm no good and of no use to myself or others if I'm in a bad mood or stuck in negative thoughts.

Perhaps this could become a weekly theme for me? To share the teas and pastries I'm eating/making? We'll see. For tonight's tea, I used my newest teacup (gathering a bit of a collection.. not even embarrassed about it) which I do adore, how could I not have a field day drinking from it? There's a BIRD on it! Aesthetics aside, it's actually quite ergonomic and comfortable to hold. As for the cake, it is a vanilla and chocolate chip bundt cake from a local chain of Italian bakeries called Bruno et Frères, where they have all sorts of delicious Italian breads and cakes to devour. I saw some pretty amazing canolis that I need to get my hands on by next week for sure.

And with that, I bid you fare thee well.. tomorrow is an exciting day for me as I get to see one of my favourite bands play live! Time for some beauty sleep.


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