Monday, January 23, 2012

Groove is in the heart

My Sunday was full of surprises. First I skinned and chopped up a whole (organic) chicken when I visited my mother intending to simply drop something off and then found out she had hurt her hand and needed my help. Then I just caught the bus my friend was on to join her on her way downtown since our lunch date had been delayed by the chicken chopping. However that is when I found out where she was going and I on the spur of the moment said: alright! We went to the Salon de l'amour et de la seduction and it was like nothing I had ever seen before, my favourite moment was when Roxi DLite performed on the main stage. She is an amazing female burlesque performer. Her show was so incredibly glamourous and her outfit was insatiable. I was in complete awe.

Afterwards, we went to 3 Amigos to eat some yummy mexican inspired grub and then had dessert at Yeh! frozen yogourt. Had I been told that morning what I was going to do and see that day, I wouldn't have believed it, since it was so completely packed with adventure and I didn't plan a single thing. 

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