Saturday, November 12, 2011

Here's to feeding myself good food!

I've been on a roll lately and have been making myself some pretty delicious homemade lunches while I work on my creative projects at home. They're not the most elaborate meals, but the savoury factor has me impressed with myself and appreciative of the time I've taken aside for myself. I, like many crafty-artsy people (I mostly speak for myself) tend to put nutrition on a lower pedestal when working. I usually go for the quick fix (still do somewhat) and eat mostly cold lunches. However, there comes a point where a cold pizza (the italian kind) just doesn't cut it so many times in a row. You should enjoy your food and do your body some delicious good every now and then! Also, I would take quality over quantity any day, but if the quality is really good, I don't mind having more quantity of it ;)

Aside from getting a bit better at eating better, I just shipped out the longcoat I posted about recently! The post office always makes me slightly nervous, as does purchasing travelling insurance, they always tell you about the worst-case scenarios and you end up paying more for peace of mind. Hopefully there is no need to worry, it's been going great so far and selling online has been really exciting.


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  1. Hi Mili and greetings from sunny California! Good for you that you are feeding yourself good. The breaded and fried dish looks scrumptious. I think those are mashed potatoes? And the noodles above them looks great. I am ready to eat. As I think about it, noon time is only an hour away here. Yippee.
    BTW, I love the photo looking downward at the circle of shoes. The B & W touch makes it. Happy Thanksgiving!



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