Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First day of classes

As of yesterday, I am officially back at school! A few months ago I made the decision to return so that I could benefit from 39 credits worth of studio art classes. It seemed like a bargain deal for a second shot at enjoying school life, access to lovely resources and working space. I'm only part-time this year, but I can already tell it is having an effect on my current job hunting status. Not two weeks ago, I almost got a full-time position that would have worked perfectly with the one class I'm taking (and it was in my field), but in the end I wasn't the chosen candidate. Since then I've been a bit down thinking how in the hell am I going to find something as great as that? The prospect of having to go back to part-time work despite so many years of continuing education has really put me in a sad state. Seeing others flourish around me made me think I've wasted so much time, but it's the path I've chosen and regretting my decisions would be the real waste.

For my first day of class, I decided to show my style a bit as opposed to my previous years of fitness pants, corduroy and bright coloured sweaters. I do enjoy fashion, but I never really allowed myself to delve into it thinking I couldn't possibly because of this or that or twenty other reasons I made up. If I learned anything this summer, it was to stop listening to that little voice inside of me that keeps saying "you can't, you're not good enough." I won't dwell on the past, and I won't scare myself to death for the future, I will enjoy the moment that is happening now and eat 4 inch wide cookies while wearing glitter mascara if I have the luxury and the pleasure to do so.

Also, I will especially not forget to listen to music and create, which to me are as important as water and air. Here is what I've been enjoying lately. Her name is Katy B , and thus far I have about 4 of her songs on repeat!


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