Thursday, September 15, 2011

Breaking out and breaking in while bookmaking

It is getting cold and dark in these parts! The fall equinox is in our midst and I sort of mind it but mostly welcome it. While typing away and browsing through the inter-webs today I suddenly felt my toes and my nose getting cold and the annoyance of. It won't be winter for another 3 months, but more than the snow I look forward to getting toasty and cozy in wool-y sweaters and mittens. Last winter I didn't really embrace the cold by counter-attacking it with some warmth I just gritted my teeth and stayed under covers for as long as I was allowed. This winter will be different, I will enjoy it and make it my wonderland.

In the meantime, I've come back to book making which I'd been avoiding as my working space (the living room coffee table) has been cluttered for so long and I would often just look away when I saw the mess. Thankfully I cleaned it all up and got everything organized a few days ago and have been able to make a few books for myself and for others.

On a last note, I dedicate this post to nutella and adorably dorky ASL sign-along videos.


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