Monday, August 8, 2011


I actually wish I could say I had a tiring day of work today and am ready to hit the hay face first. But my face has been in the hay (so to speak) all day. I've indulged in some knitting, pigs in blankets with swiss cheese and fresh strawberries from the market, brought over by my aunt. I also continued practicing the guitar, I am so bad right now, but I can tell I'm getting more comfortable little by little. Hard days works indeed.

Plans have been forming in my head, but I can't start executing them because I have no income! It's quite frustrating. A lot of things were generally bothering me today. In other news, hearing about another quite violent riot in London was saddening. I love that city, it holds a special place in my heart, and it's a shame there are such inequalities that it should lead to a revolt. It would be a bit unrealistic to say that the problems will be fixed soon, but hopefully they get a bit better.


  1. Hey Mili! I just wanted to say I love reading your blog always! You are so talented in the arts! I love seeing your pictures too! You make everything look really yummy!

    As for guitar- isn't it amazing? I was learning it in Australia because my friend knows how and was teaching me. I hope to get much better at it while I'm in Toronto.

    Miss you!

  2. thanks keri!! <3 miss you too!

    learning the guitar is really fun and rewarding! I actually am using a child size guitar I got when I was 12 (but I gave up learning bc the book was so hard to follow!) It's been hanging in the house for so long and I just decided to go for it!

  3. Yeah definitely! I perhaps have the same size of guitar. It's smaller than a real guitar but bigger than a ukulele... however that's spelt. We got it because it was easier to travel around with in Australia. The one thing I love about music is that so many people can relate. Goodluck! Maybe one day we'll be playing together! :)

  4. that sounds exactly like mine! yes I want to play guitar with you when I learn more notes!



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