Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Elle Quebec (picture heavy)

I bought the current (September) issue of Elle Quebec last week and I've been completely in Love with the editorials and photography in there ever since. Adele was on the cover, so of course I had to have it, but it was while flipping through it that I knew I had acquired a true gem. The fashion spread was completely up my alley with the flowers and the cool and warm colours. I don't purchase magazines often because they're usually filled with advertisements, bad advice, and not the kind of fashion and style I gravitate towards. This issue however had some insightful articles and I didn't feel bombarded by the advertisements, they exhibited taste and class.

Although I am returning to school this fall, I have been on the lookout for a 1 year technical program that will allow me to be qualified for a specific kind of work because as of right now I feel like a jack of a few trades and a master of none. Commercial Photography has been on my radar recently as I truly enjoy taking good pictures and seeing amazing work like this really gets me excited and inspired. It would be great to learn more technical aspects of photography and to be specialized for commercial work such as advertisements, Fashion shoots, weddings, travel and so on. I don't know yet if that is the best route for me, but I like the idea. My main focus for now is to live day-to-day so that I don't miss a beat when looking too way ahead.

I leave you with a video I recently discovered by a group called Two Door Cinema Club, whom I may possibly see live if I can find more than one song I like, even if this is a really good one!

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  1. Hi Miliaime! I came across your blog and just wanted to comment that your profile pic is awesome. It stands as art all by itself. Your expression captures how I have felt many times. BTW, your photos are great and I liked the story of your visit to Bottega's. Their food looks delicious.
    I write a blog on food, life and love. My musings. My experiences. Please stop by and visit.



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