Tuesday, July 5, 2011


SO. I got to see Weezer last Sunday night!!! I was 20 away from not being able to go, but at the last minute, my aunt saved my life! I have liked Weezer since I first heard "Buddy Holly(my video - sorry for the bad video/audio quality, I thought I was filming in HD!) in the 3rd grade. Later in my 20s, I seriously got into Pinkerton and they are gods. I am so blessed that I made it to the show!!! AND, my seat was so incredibly close to the stage, I was practically on the floor, at the right end. That's the closest I've ever been to the stage at that arena. It's all thanks to Weezer being hella cool and charging general admission for practically all of the seats + floor. 

But let's back track for a moment, while walking towards the venue (it was in sight but still a bit of a walk away), I looked up and who doth I see? Brian Bell! Of course, I couldn't remember his name at that precise moment and my "reasonable" brain told me it couldn't have been him, walking around like any other montrealer.. no way right? WAY. I let him walk right passed me! I was too shy to say hey and so of course now I regret not doing a thing about an almost encounter with the guitarist and backing vocalist of Weezer...dammnn...

The show itself was faaaaaaantastic. What a real treat, they played most of Pinkerton and all of the blue album. They also played their 2008 song "Pork and Beans(my video)" during which Rivers Cuomo suddenly decided to have a walk around the arena among the audience! First he was on the left side, then he moved down to the floor and it was awesome to watch. That wasn't all though, he then went all the way to the back and climbed up the seats and sang among fans there. Once the song was over, he was closer(my video) to our side and then...started getting even closer, until he was in our faces(my video)!!! It was incredible! I couldn't believe this was happening, the police even showed up and apparently some fire fighters too. But there was no need, all the fans were really respectful and gave him enough space and help to move around. He stayed in our area for max 10 minutes before he made it back to the stage for a break.

Once I got home, I had to digest all of what had happened! Dreams are a reality, we often forget.. Sadly, when I looked through my photos and clips, I got a huge bummer.. You see, I was using two cameras and favoured one (kodak 2010) for filming because it was HD, and the other (sony 2003) for picture taking. Unfortunately, I was NOT filming in HD and have so many wonderful clips that are of crappy quality, I was looking forward to editing them into a compilation but I can't even import them into movie maker.... sad sad sad. I did film one clip with the good camera (but old... how strange and frustrating, never doubting my sony again!). I won't dwell on it, my memories are priceless... and thus I am able to share some of them with you:

The opening act :


Short clip of opening act, Jack's Mannequin playing "Release Me"

Short clip of "El Scorcho":

lesser quality video of "Say it Ain't So", this moment was pure magic:

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