Friday, July 15, 2011

In sick

Not feeling too great today. Yesterday I had an amazing time however with a friend. We met up at a metro station and biked around the area from there. I initially wanted to use a bixi bike, which is a bike borrowing system that allows you to bike around the downtown area and park it at any other stop close to your destination. That didn't quite work out for me this time as it only took credit. Not to fret, there was another bike borrowing system that was free (though it was less comfortable, feeling it in my tush today). Regardless, it was a lot of fun to see my city from a different perspective. I've never biked on busy streets downtown so this was a first. We stopped every once and a while and ate at a vegan cafe. We also looked through some vintage and cooking utensil shops. I was so sore once I got back home, it was quite the workout. Last night however I could tell I was developing something. That something turned out be a cold and flu which I have had the displeasure of spending time with today.. grumble. 

On the bright side, I received many soothing treats to ease my discomfort and so despite being sick, it was a good day.

The sheets I have been laying in today.

A stream of consciousness drawing I add on to nightly. It started while I was listening Weezer's "Only in Dreams" and so that is the title.

Some bruschetta I made for myself as a small lunch 2 or so days ago, so simple and so tasty.

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