Sunday, December 12, 2010


Ever since the end of my trip in London (I am counting from when my flight left without me and I had to wait 24hours at the airport), it has not been an easy ride.

First, there was the longest wait at an airport, ever. Then it was just about the worst cold+flu I've ever had in my life, where I literally felt like I was battling demons. Which is obviously perfect timing for renovating my room. Not like he would know that I'd get sick, but upon my return I found all of my belongings in the living room and my bedroom covered in sawdust.

Yesternight was the first night I was back in my room, in my bed but not without another problem. My demonic cold+flu has subsided (nevertheless leaving me with horrible mucus coughs), but now I am having really uncomfortable and painful digestive issues. With a bit of research and self-diagnosis via the world wide web, I've found that it most likely has something to do with my liver and is not to be taken lightly.. this only adds to my frustrations.

Did I mention the horrible weather??? It is -15c and -20c with wind-chill, which has not been helping any of what has been going on since I got back. I just hope nothing actually serious is in my near future and this discomfort can be resolved... and I can get back to enjoying my life!

p.s: I'm getting my 7 rolls of 35mm film back on Tuesday!! Something to look forward to!

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