Sunday, October 10, 2010

Partying times

This turned out to be a real birthday weekend bash. Two close friends celebrated their birthdays, one after the other, which meant restaurant food (one bond themed and the other a sushi place ~ I had none sadly but did get to discover red bean ice cream, mmmm..) and drinking, and quite an intense bit of it, but the headaches were gone after a good half hour of my life I'll never get back of Jersey Shore. The biggest trip in fact, was going to Candi Bar only to be surrounded by fist pumpers with side ways caps or gelled hair, oh and all of the girls looked exactly the same. The jujubes in my Dr. Martens drink was a nice touch, though. Hooray for people being born! Minus snookie and the situation.

This was meant to be a birthday gift of hello kitty fondant cupcakes inspired by Annie's Eats' version. I used store bought mini muffins due to time constraints but eventually gave up making a dozen as the fondant I had previously prepared was NOT complying. I will have another go in the near future.

This one is a handmade gift for the other friend, it was supposed to be a purse but ended up way too small and the right size for a makeup case.

I followed a tutorial on youtube through thread banger to make it:

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