Sunday, October 31, 2010

Churches in the moonlight

Gothic architecture silhouetted by the light of the moon was effectively creepy and awe inspiring while on my bus ride home early in these wee hours. We had missed the last metro by a hair and were stuck to deliberate how in the hell we would be getting home, two hours later and a blister on my feel, I am home. Prior to this short series of unfortunate events, I was at a Hallows Eve party dressed as a kitty and half the time I forgot I had anything on my face, but I was surrounded by some pretty fantastic costumes. For example, there was a pack of trident gum, a bonbon, The Queen of Hearts, a 20s flapper, an English school girl, wonder woman, Leeloo Minai Lekarariba-Laminai-Tchai Ekbat De Sebat, a Steam punk spin doctor, a male prom queen, a Bourgeois Femenist and Reverand Run from Run DMC.

I also had my palm read by a self-proclaimed psychic and she was on the money maker without a word from me, it was freaky-marvelous the way she described and explained the squares, lines and stars on my hand.

AND, on my way home I saw a girl with the most amazing Calaveras face painting on.

Needless to say, 'twas a good one.

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