Wednesday, October 29, 2014

I do in fact feel better

It's true, I do delve into the world of retail therapy, although I don't know if this would count as retail.. Purchasing handmade things on Etsy is definitely a form of therapy for me however, I know that much. As does making inconsequential blog posts about the mundane and menial happenings of my life. Looking back at older posts, I was really glad I had made them, being able to relive such lovely moments and memories, and re-reading the re-accounting of them through my own words made me feel happy, and very grateful despite what has been going on this past year and a half.

I found this seller through a tumblr I follow called littlealienproducts. This person brings together all sorts of fantastic goods from the Internet that are unique, odd, and beautiful. And as soon as I saw these little earrings in one of their posts, I knew I had to have them! The link brought me directly to supershygirl's etsy shop. There weren't many of her products listed, but each one was so unbearably cute and unique! I immediately wrote saying I would buy these earrings as soon as my funds would go through paypal, and when they did, I kept my word! This shop's owner has been so sweet the whole way through. 

Nothing could have prepared me however for how carefully and lovingly she packaged her gorgeous product. It even included a personalized letter! With such adorable drawings all over everything. By the far the most beautifully packaged item I have ever received..  

Addresses erased for privacy, but gosh this was so lovely, and so simple.

Cute drawings on the item's box! Couldn't handle it.

But that wasn't all!

There was more! (Even a drawing of the big dipper constellation, which incidentally has some significance to me)

Some bubble wrap and cute tape.


And the back wasn't neglected either.

Quick-modelling my new earrings. I love the illusion.

Web and real-life colliding!


  1. That's adorable!! I've only ever bought digital sewing patterns on Etsy but I think that might change now I've seen this, what lovely mail to receive :)

    1. Hi Suzie!! It's so nice to hear from you! Yes, I love receiving mail from etsy sellers, it always feels like I'm receiving a gift. And a belated congrats on your wedding and the big move!! What an incredible adventure!! Although I am sad that I won't be able to sew with you :(.. Your blog looks amazing btw, you surpass my own sewing skills and knowledge by a mile, your projects are just wonderful! I look forward to keeping up with your work and lovely photographs. All the best!



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