Friday, August 16, 2013

Demons & Migraines

Learning life lessons too late is sort of a painful burden to bear, especially when they involve (currently) seemingly irreversible physical and mental consequences.

However I have managed to put those botherments aside for a moment long enough to work on some creating. 

This mah my new scratch book.


  1. Nice scrapbook, especially the pen holder as I can never find one when I need one! Sorry to hear you've not been feeling so good. We're away/ have visitors the next couple of weeks, but if you're free any evenings the week after (9th Sept wk) would be good to meetup :)

  2. thanks suzie:) yeah the pen holder idea came about from that exact problem and the solution turned out to be so simple! i posted this while feeling a bit melancholic, sort of regretful about that :P a meetup would be nice, I will get in touch to see when would be a good time :)




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