Saturday, April 13, 2013


  One of my favourite self-centered  things to do in life is to buy things that I don't need. Specifically, craft things. Things that will allow me to make other things. It's a vicious addiction that needs to be subdued. Although I doubt karma really has it out for me because I look for these things mostly at second hand shops. And oh the wonderful things that there are to be accumulated from such spots! 

  As I like to sew and teach it in my spare time, I'm usually looking for snazzy bed sheets with little wear and graphics that satiate my hungerr for colour and pattern. The second hand isles are rich with these and I recently came across a Dick Tracy bed sheet that screamed POP ART! at me (rude like that). I remember the film when it first came out though it didn't really have as much of an impact on me as "Who Framed Roger Rabbit". For some reason my childhood memories confused the two.. 

  All detective films are alike? Nah. I was definitely drawn to the comic style however, it's like a drug.

  Regardless, I couldn't avoid the boldness of it and how great it would look as a bag, skirt, anything.. and for 3$, who am I to not indulge my consumerist itch?

  Thus the upcycled Dick Tracy skirt was born. I used the 2451 Simplicity skirt pattern that Ms Suzie so so kindly permitted me to use on this project. The design really fit the fabric and I was pleased with it from the very beginning.

  But that's not all I've been busy with! I finally used my glow in the dark cat eyes fabric to make a reversible tote bag and bought some super heroine fabric for who knows.. maybe some re-usable sanitary pads? 

  Actually, that would be amazing!!

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