Friday, March 16, 2012

Le Restaurant Misto

So this is a bit late! In the beginning of March, a good friend who recently moved to a nearby province to pursue her aspirations of working as a flight attendant (she totally achieved this goal btw), came back into town for a few days and of course she had to meet up with the Fantastic Plastic 4!

As usual, we all met up at a restaurant we've never been to before, well 3 out 4 anyhow. It's become sort of a tradition and I don't mind! In fact, I love it! When I am lucky enough to have the means to eat a nice restaurant, it is one of those small things that's actually a huge thing for me and makes me quite happy. 

We initially had organized to go to l'Avenue, which was a really trendy looking restaurant with menus that were designed after vinyl album covers and quirky memorabilia decorating the walls. Unfortunately the music was too loud for conversation, you could barely hear someone sitting across from you! I asked one of the waitresses if the volume will be going down a bit later to which she replied "It's going to get louder as the night goes on! Sorry, but it's that kind of place."

With that, we decided to find another more suitable restaurant. We had no idea which way to go until another friend said she had been to Misto Restaurant before and that she really enjoyed it. Luckily for us, it was across the street from l'Avenue!

It was a true delight, very nice ambiance and good service. The menu is Italian inspired with all sorts of pasta dishes (we were getting a bit mixed up with all the pasta names, not knowing which was which!). For starters, we ordered a plate of bruschetta, which we shared between the 4 of us. It wasn't your typical kind, it had sour cream, pickled red peppers and some Italian parsley on top. Also, the bread resembled more of a greek-style pita (but a bit firmer). It was sweet and savoury and delicious!

As for my plate, I ordered a vegetable calzone (no Parks and Recreation jokes! haha!). It was served open with the contents pouring out. Enough to make your mouth water. In it was artichoke, zucchini, carrot, cheese, everything!  As for the price, it was low on cost and high on taste and quality. My bill was under $25 (including tip + a cocktail!).

For dessert, we went to Rockaberry's, no photo evidence of that, their pies are so delicious  we attacked them!

Here's to good company and more restaurant trips! 

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